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As of today you can claim the return of the perceptions of 2022

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The specialist indicated that “when registering the period to be requested, all the perceptions that are reported to the AFIP automatically appear.”

These perceptions are those that are practiced for the purchase of savings dollars, purchases with credit cards and purchases in foreign currency that are paid in pesos, acquisition of services abroad through tourism agencies, acquisition of tickets abroad, among others.

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To request a refund of the tax, among other things, the taxpayer does not have to be registered in the Income Tax, nor in the Personal Assets Tax, so that the amount cannot be imputed. It is also the case of employees to whom the employer does not have to apply withholding.

Dollar savings: the quota to buy is renewed

With the arrival of the first month of the year, the maximum monthly quota of US$200 that retail savers can acquire through their banks is renewed. It occurs at times when the Dollars they moderated the rises of the previous week.

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The savings dollar or solidarity dollar-which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and the 35% deductible of Income Tax and Personal Assets- is the cheapest dollar on the market despite the fact that it is getting closer and closer to the blue dollar. The savings dollar can be easily obtained through Home Banking or through branches. However, fewer and fewer people can access it.

Now, in addition to the well-known limitation of buying up to $200 and the endless requirements, one more has been added. With the rise of Minimum Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVM) that the Government made official, fewer people will be able to access the purchase of dollar savings. This is because many banks establish as one of the many requirements, that only those who exceed two minimum wages will be able to access. This meant that in order to buy dollars, at least $123,906 would be needed, which further restricts access to currency and the only alternative left for these people for very minimal savings is a fixed term in pesos (UVA or traditional). .

Who can’t buy dollar savings?

  • Those who bought MEP or CCL dollars in the last 90 days
  • Those who received their last salary through the Production and Work Assistance program (ATP)
  • Those who received social plans
  • Monotributistas who have credits in progress at a subsidized rate
  • Those who do not have their income declared to avoid purchases with black money or circumvention of the US$200 quota through acquisitions through third parties
  • Joint bank account holders
  • Individuals who spent their quota of US$200 with a card (includes, for example, the payment of Netflix or Spotify in dollars)
  • People who have a 12-installment payment plan for credit card debts
  • Those who refinanced their debts with banks for personal, pledge or mortgage loans.
  • People benefited by Income Reinforcement
  • The beneficiaries of the electricity and gas subsidy. Precisely, Those who receive any State subsidy cannot access the savings dollar and they discount that this will happen to those who have registered to receive the subsidy.

How do I know if I am authorized to buy?

To access the purchase of the savings dollar, authorization can be verified through the ANSES Negative Certification, proof that it is valid for 30 days and can be consulted at the following link: https://www.anses.gob. ar/query/negative-certification

Source: Ambito

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