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to pay less you will have to fill out a form every month

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In order to benefit, users of the prepaid medicine service must declare their situation on the website of the Superintendence of Health Services, between the 1st and 20th of each month. The procedure must be carried out every month on the agency’s website or by clicking on the link.

The measure covers voluntary affiliates and those who derive their mandatory contributions through the obras sociales system.

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In case of receiving more than 6 minimum wages, the value of the fee is adjusted by the current Health Cost Index, in force since August. This index combines the evolution of the costs of medicines (12.2 percent) according to a list prepared by the Ministry of Health, medical supplies (17.2 percent), the salaries set by parity (52, 4 percent) and general expenses (18.2 percent), prepared by the Superintendence of Health Services.

What does the Affidavit consist of?

It is an “affidavit of income” that must be registered by the owner user. The form is already online on the Superintendency website (sssalud.gob.ar) and to access it you must have tax code level 3 or higher and adhere to the service on the AFIP site.

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Neither the Superintendency of Health nor the prepaid companies have information on affiliate income. For this reason, it was resolved that this information falls on the affiliate in the terms of an affidavit.

How to complete the affidavit

The form is already online on the website of the Superintendence of Health (www.sssalud.gob.ar or www.sssalud.gob.ar/misssalud/).

1-To access it you must have a tax code of level 3 or higher and adhere to the service on the AFIP website.

2- Look for the SUPERINTENDENCY OF HEALTH SERVICES and click to select the available services. Select “My SSSalud”.

3- Once My SSSalud is selected, confirm the adherence to the service. Click on SETTINGS to go to another screen that will allow you to see all the permissions you have.

4- If you already have the service attached to your tax code, go directly to the My SSSalud portal.

5- Done! You are already in the My SSSalud portal. Choose the procedure of your interest by clicking on the corresponding option.

6- Opt for “Affidavit for Prepaid Users” and complete the registration. Among other information, you must “confirm” the boxes that say: “I declare that I have a net income of less than 6 SMVM” and, then, “I authorize the SSSalud to validate the data entered with other organizations.”

How to obtain AFIP tax code 3

From the “My AFIP” app, using the button “Request or retrieve tax code”. You will need a mobile device with a front camera and internet access, have an Argentine ID in card format and be of legal age. In the process, you must scan the barcode of your ID and make gestures so that we can verify your identity. Besides, requesting or recovering your key in this way you will not need to register your biometric data.

Source: Ambito

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