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Wind energy and green hydrogen: axes of development

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Green hydrogen and its derivatives are gaining momentum in Latin America as protagonists of the fuel of the future, and their development in Argentina is no exception. Currently, considering the technological advances of recent years, the analysis of commercial opportunities from the generation of this new green fuel, have become a possibility to position the country as a large global producer and exporter of sustainable energy, which It will also allow the deployment and strengthening of industrial, scientific and technological capacities.

In the case of Chile, green hydrogen has the potential to become a new energy commodity and contribute to the decarbonization of the local energy matrix; however, we have several challenges ahead that we must work on, joining efforts between the public and private sectors.

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A similar situation occurs in other Latin American countries. Brazil has excellent conditions as a place of production of renewable energies. The country already has structures in place to expand renewable energy development, thanks to many years of experience in the private sector, as well as proven bidding and contracting models. The off shore market has already taken positive steps, since the legislative framework is already under analysis in order to have definitions by the executive branch as well as the Brazilian legislature. And it is no coincidence that these regulatory advances are taking place in the largest country in the American continent, with its more than 7,400 kilometers of coastline that has different ranges of maritime depth, it is a favorable scenario for an “ocean” of opportunities for offshore projects. .

Continuing with hydrogen, it is emerging as a key ally to achieve the ambitious decarbonization goals for 2050, mainly that which comes from electricity generation from renewable sources.

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A detailed analysis of specific strengths and opportunities in each country context will be required. Several members of the region have already been working on strategies and business models for development such as the generation of integrated O&M solutions in different markets. And we refer to specific areas of the Latin American continent: Argentine Patagonia, Magallanes in Chile, La Guajira in Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

We are clear about the responsibility that we must assume as an industry to ensure compliance with the environmental, safety and social standards of each project. What we need now, in addition to analyzing the specific virtues and opportunities of each country, is that the institutional framework be streamlined and that we implement projects that energize, make independent, and give energy autonomy to local economies.

Our region has great potential to support the global energy transition, through the development of a green hydrogen supply market and the development of new wind farms. According to the IDB, Latin America and the Caribbean has the cleanest electricity production in the world and has a large solar and wind capacity. The markets are watching and waiting for us, let’s accelerate our walk towards a sustainable and sustainable future.

Source: Ambito

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