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Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Ukrainian economy fell 30% in 2022, the biggest drop since 1991

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“The successes of the Ukrainian defense forces on the front lines, the coordinated work of the government and companies, the unwavering spirit of the population and the speed in rebuilding damaged critical infrastructure units, as well as the systemic financial support of the international donors, have enabled us to maintain the economic front and continue our drive towards victory,” Sviridenko said.

The Ministry of Economy said that the Russian missile attacks against the energy infrastructures from Ukraine followed putting pressure on business activity and confidence.

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In 2021, Ukrainian GDP had grown by 3.4%.

Last month, Ukraine had estimated that losses from the Russian invasion could reach $700 billion.

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Since the outbreak of the war, the prices of food and energy They were shot at the international level, considering that both Russia and Ukraine are two of the main grain suppliers in the world, while the former guaranteed the supply of gas to Europe.

Source: Ambito

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