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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Freight transportation costs increased more than 100% in 2022

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During December 2022the logistics costs showed a slowdown compared to previous months, however, the cumulative increase in the year was the highest in the last 20 years.

The strong ones increases that led to this annual record were registered within the cost components of freight transportation: the fuel rose 121% in the yearthe tires 124% and the rolling stock 154%. And, although the rest of the components accumulated somewhat lower increases, they all hit the CEDOL index with Transportation Costs that finished at 118.69%and also to the indicators of urban distribution costs that reached percentages close to 102%.

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Of the five indicators mentioned (including that of FADEEAC), three register an annual accumulated above 100%, two of them close to 120%. And that did not exceed 100% reached 87.25% and 97.30%therefore, all the results were very close to or above 100%, making the cost of logistics operations a critical element in the sector during 2022.

Other costs not contemplated

There are a number of Hidden costs with difficulties in its measurement to integrate a polynomial but that also affect the costs of making Logistics, such as the difficulty in refueling that has existed for parts of the present year, the same with Obtaining tires and spare parts.

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The purpose of these indicators is reflect monthly variations of all logistics costs, with the exception – precisely – of the unproductivities that are usually generated by causes external to the logistics operators. Its publication, with the complete components, can be consulted on the chamber’s website: www.cedol.org.ar

Source: Ambito

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