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How much has risen since Alberto Fernández took office?

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The first of September 2019 When did they start rolling out again? restrictions to access foreign currency, the MEP traded at $61.96. If last week’s price is taken into account, the MEP rose 432%. This shows that it had a variation higher than that of accumulated inflation in the same period, which reached 375%.

Since the government of the former president Mauricio Macri The currently valid stocks of US$200 dollars per month per person were applied, the MEP jumped 330%, since for the date of October 28 it was offered at US$76.80. Taking into account the same time period, inflation rose 334%.

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When the president took office Alberto Fernandez, on December 10, 2019, the MEP traded at $72.79. Compared to the current price, it increased by 356%. By the end of that same year, the MEP was already at $72.43, which means that today it had an increase of 355%. Compared to that same period, inflation climbed 310%.

Source: Ambito

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