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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Bolivia announced that it will focus on selling gas to Brazil without neglecting Argentina

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This will also allow it to “diversify its client portfolio in Brazil with a long-term view, seeking to maximize the value of the exported natural gas molecule,” he added.

The executive highlighted that the opening up to “new players” in the Brazilian energy market made YPFB decide to “focus its future efforts on commercial development on natural gas in that country.”

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This does not mean that the commitments previously assumed with the Argentine market will be breached”, narrowed.

Dorgathen highlighted that the expectations of growth in the use of natural gas in Brazil “are very relevant and make it possible to guarantee a market for the current Bolivian exportable volumes” and others that will be generated in the future.

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The president of YPFB assured that the priority is to supply the internal market, which, according to what he said, is guaranteed.

Natural gas was Bolivia’s main export product and the mainstay of the Bolivian economy in the last two decades, with its main markets in Argentina and Brazil.

In recent years, there has been a decrease in the production and income from the sale of hydrocarbons due to fluctuations in prices in foreign markets.

Source: Ambito

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