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Cable car boss Hörl does not give up

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Franz Hörl leaves after his push for a special tax for the application “particularly environmentally harmful forms of vacation” such as air travel and cruises or for a ban on advertising. The airline and cruise industry must now “Facts and data on the table” lay, said Hörl in the APA interview. it need “serious and reliable data” of these forms of travel, according to Hörl, who again brought a CO2 statement into play. For such a CO2 statement or “categorization” need it – “if we want to seriously discuss the topic of climate change and resource conservation” – just these “serious and reliable data” and count.

In contrast, the cable cars would already do this “very transparent” communicate, emphasized Hörl, who had kicked up a lot of dust on Monday with his demands raised in the APA talks. Air and cruise traffic, on the other hand, would currently “skilfully take cover.”

“What is possible with food must also be possible in tourism”

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“What is possible with food and electrical appliances via traffic light labeling or with clothing must also be possible in tourism: customers must know what is in it and what effects on the environment are associated with the choice of vacation”, explained the eloquent Zillertal hotelier and ÖVP grande. One should also not forget that anyway “major changes – see for example EU taxonomy or supply chain law – are coming”which would go exactly in this direction, says Hörl. “So we will have to face that anyway. And I’d rather be proactive and prepared than surprised and overwhelmed”the member of parliament and head of the Tyrolean ÖVP economic association laid down his route.

In any case, the top cable car representative has no doubt who will get off well in terms of climate technology with such a label: “I am convinced that holidays in the Austrian Alps – whether winter or summer – would emerge as the frontrunner of such a categorization.” The Federal Environment Agency has confirmed how well a skiing holiday in Austria compares to a car trip to the Adriatic Sea or a flight to Mallorca. A week’s skiing holiday in this country is only good in terms of greenhouse gas emissions “21 percent of a flight to Spain” If you travel by train, you only get 13 percent.

“frustrates me”

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“It frustrates me that when it comes to carbon footprints, only winter tourism is discussed”, explained Hörl. This has been shown to have only a small carbon footprint, while others with a much larger carbon footprint are ignored. The cable cars and all winter tourism made a contribution in terms of energy “exemplary work”: “0.9 percent of the total Austrian energy consumption speaks for itself. As a representative of an industry relevant to the location, I put myself forward to protect and correct things and ask for nothing more than a sense of proportion and fairness.”

And Hörl again did not skimp on criticism of the media (climate) reporting: “I am convinced that the partly factual criticism and the thirst for pictures of green-framed ski slopes have caused considerable damage in recent weeks.”

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Hörl wants an advertising ban for air travel or a special tax for applications

Demand for a ban on advertising for particularly harmful forms of vacation

When he called for an advertising ban for particularly harmful forms of vacation such as air travel, for example for city trips, it was a question “exaggerated presentation or formulation” acted, but he stood by what he said. The discussion was initiated. The sometimes sharp public criticism and debate surprised him, but: “It seems that a sore point has been hit.”

Hörl countered the frequently voiced criticism that many Austrian and Tyrolean guests first travel to the ski areas by plane: The number of guests arriving in Tyrol by plane was only in the mid-single digits. “Nevertheless, we have to expand the environmentally friendly journey from home to the hotel even more extensively”, he also saw a need for action here. The arrival and departure is here “the biggest lever to become even more economical and environmentally friendly.” “The only way forward is to redistribute the flow of traffic towards the railways as successfully as possible. We have been aware of this for a long time and this is exactly the direction in which we are working”concluded the cable car chairman in the Chamber of Commerce.

By the way, when asked about Hörl’s advances on Tuesday, Tyrol’s governor and economic coordinator Anton Mattle (ÖVP) said: “Everything can be discussed”. However, he noted: “Holidays and travel is something that society wants”. Hörl is known for always pointing things out. Mattle explained that getting there and back is always responsible for the largest ecological footprint. “Traveling to the Alps to practice winter sports leaves a much smaller ecological footprint than flying to a holiday destination”the head of state agreed with Hörl on this point.

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