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A Buenos Aires family needed $152,963 in December to avoid being poor

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In the case of the Total Basic Basket (CBT), that establishes the poverty ceiling, the monthly increase was 5.61% (against 4.46% in November) and the interannual increase was 100.80% (95.63% in the previous month), while the Total Basket (CT), which in different proportions defines the fragile middle sector, the middle class and the wealthy sectors, rose 5.71% in the month (higher than 4.67% in November) and 99.16% in relation to December 2021 (95.28% in the previous measurement).

The amounts indicated do not include the payment of housing rent or common expenses, as they are not considered consumption expenses.

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The evolution of the baskets in December reflected the lower relative weight of food with respect to expenses on other goods, services and fees, which are not part of indigence expenses, which is why the percentages of this last stratum had an increase lower than the others.

The situation is reversed in the interannual comparison, if one takes into account that the increases in the CBA are seven percentage points higher than those of the baskets that measure poverty, and eight points more in the case of the middle class.

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The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) will announce its measurement of basic baskets on Tuesday, January 17.

This is a piece of information that will gain additional importance due to the fact that in the segmentation criteria for subsidies to public service rates, users with incomes greater than 3.5 times the CBT are excluded from the benefit.

If the measurement of the Buenos Aires Statistics Department were taken as a reference, that level would come to be located at $535,370.32 per month.

Unlike INDEC, which only recognizes the categories of poor and indigent, his counterpart from CABA has six social strata in his classification.

In December 2022, the resources needed to be included in each category were the following:

  • In destitution up to $83,373.63
  • Of non-indigent poverty from $83,373.64 to $152,962.95
  • Not vulnerable poorfrom $152,962.96 to $188,150.54.
  • In it case of the fragile middle sectorfrom $188,150.55 to $235,188.18
  • Middle classfrom $235,188.19 to $752,602.1
  • high sectors: $752,602.20 or more.

Source: Ambito

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