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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Changes in the 2023 Budget for Earnings and monotax are regulated

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Regarding the Tax on Profitsfrom this year will allow you to deduct up to 40% of the expenses destined to educational services of establishments public and private of all levels, including nurseries and maternal and child gardens.

This includes both educational services such as snacks, lodging and transportation that are provided by establishments with their own means or those of others.

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Tools used for these purposes may also be deducted, such as school supplies, overalls and uniforms.

These deductions are valid for children under 18 years of age -considered as “family responsibilities” in the tax- and for those who are between 18 and 24 years old, as long as they are “regular or professional studies of an art or trade, which prevents them from providing themselves with the necessary means to sustain themselves independently“.

Trucker Earnings

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Another change in Profits is directed to trucker workers whose travel exceeds 100 kilometers from the usual place of work to which they will raise the cap from the deduction for additional wages such as mobility expenses, travel expenses and food, thus adding the rest of the long-distance transport sector that were already covered by this benefit.

As officially reported when the modification was announced, “Truckers managed to respond to a historical claimsince it was the only transport guild so far that trebutaba Earnings on meals, per diems, prizes and other salary supplements“.

The deductible amounts may not exceedin any case, andl amount of non-taxable gain of the fiscal period in question.


Finally, the Budget foresees a increase in contributions to social works of monotributistas categories D to K, the highest categories, while the A, B and C -the 70% of the more than 1.9 million monotributistas– they will not have changes.

This change, which sets amounts for contributions between $3,638.26 for category D and $10,505.29 for category K, came into effect from this month.

The regulations clarify that If a taxpayer wants to incorporate a member of his primary family group into the obras sociales regime, the same amount must be paid in order to ensure the “uniformity” of the system.

Source: Ambito

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