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Saving energy in everyday life: This is how you can really save money

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Electricity and heating costs are high – as is the fear of empty energy stores. The nation is in a crisis. “The best energy is that which we don’t use in the first place,” says the federal government’s website. Next: Everyone can contribute something. So it’s high time to think about saving energy in everyday life. the star shares a few tips.

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In order to counteract an emergency situation at the energy supplier, every unnecessary kilowatt hour should be avoided. The federal government initiated various energy-saving measures last year. For example, since September 2022, a maximum room temperature of 19 degrees has applied in public workplaces. Buildings, monuments and advertising spaces may not be illuminated at certain times. These measures are valid until April 15th.

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Private households are also being asked to curb consumption. After all, saving energy helps to reduce the need for gas, coal and oil, to become more independent in terms of energy policy and to protect the climate. In addition, the current high energy costs could bring people to their knees financially. However, there are various measures that you can use to save enormous costs. Whether heating, showering, washing, cooking etc.: Here you will find tips to protect your wallet.

How to heat and ventilate properly

The first step to save costs: lower the heating by one degree Celsius. That may sound banal, but it saves six percent of energy. It also helps to bleed the radiators regularly. To do this, you have to switch off the heating pump and turn off the radiator. Then hold a container under the vent valve. With a open it. Then let all the air out. Once water comes out, you’re done.

Furniture, curtains or paneling should not cover radiators. Make room for your radiators. This is the only way the heat can be distributed in the room.

When airing, the well-known sentence applies: “We don’t heat for outside”. So turn down the heating and then open the window wide. on windows and doors ensure that heat stays in the room. Blinds and curtains help keep the cold outside.

Saving energy in everyday life: How to use hot water sensibly

Use water-saving and fittings. These reduce energy consumption by around 30 percent. Turn off the water while you lather. When washing your hands, you can do without warm water – cold water is perfectly sufficient. Just try it, it’s not that bad!

You should keep this in mind when cooking and washing

Use one . In this way you save around two thirds of the electricity. You can also switch off electric stoves while cooking – with the residual heat you can usually get further than you think. You should use the convection function in the oven if you can. In contrast to top and bottom heating, this saves around 15 percent energy.

Many dishwashers and washing machines have eco programs. Use this! And reduce the temperature of your washes. If you wash your laundry at 30 degrees instead of 60, you save around 70 percent on electricity costs.

Saving energy in everyday life: be careful with new devices!

Old refrigerators, televisions, computers – these can be real energy guzzlers. The purchase of new devices can therefore be worthwhile. Pay attention to the It informs you about energy efficiency classes and product properties such as electricity and water consumption.

It also helps to change the bulbs in the house. Replace incandescent or halogen bulbs with LEDs. This saves up to 80 percent of power consumption. Only turn on lights when you really need them – motion detectors or can help with that.

The purchase of the many energy-saving means is initially expensive – of course! But buying these products is worth it in the long run. Not just because of the cost savings. Every citizen can do their part to conserve energy storage and protect the climate!


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