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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The liberal economist who tweets in favor of inflation in the country

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Nobody melts with inflation. Bankruptcies and foundries occur in the real deflationary processes of the economy due to an imbalance between assets and liabilities. The price of assets falls, debts are thus strengthened and a default is incurred that leads to bankruptcy, “he said in his account (@CarlosMaslaton).

The curious thing is that the financial adviser is defined in his account Twitter as “National right-wing liberal. Anti-communist. Manchester capitalist. Lawyer UBA. Elliott Wave Technician. Bitcoinero. Militant of La Libertad Avanza”.

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Previously, the right-wing referent asserted in his social media that “Argentine prices are low and should rise in real terms until they match international prices. There is no possibility that this inflationary phenomenon will not be generatedis typical of economic recovery, even if you have zero deficit and do not issue anything at all”.

Even, maslatonwho claims to go to a STEP against the also ultra-media javier mileiargues that 2023 will be an auspicious year for the Argentina: “This year they will suffer a lot, but a lot and they will not be able to believe it, those who operate, position themselves, have feelings and desires against the Argentine Republic, including those who left and whore from outside. We have finished a historic fall and we are going up“.

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Source: Ambito

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