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Sunday, January 29, 2023

A public hearing is held on the adequacy of electricity rates

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Those interested in participating had time to register until January 20 and, in addition to the positions of the companies, the visions of the different entities that represent service users of Energy residential.

User entities reject the rate increase

“Users and users have been participating in all the public hearings that have had to do with the rate increasessegmentation and removal of subsidies, and we are opposing this new rate increase“said the head of the Citizen Association for Human Rights (ACDH), María José Lubertino, when advancing the position of the entity in the hearing.

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He added that, in case an increase is defined, “it must not represent in the invoices an increase greater than inflation or greater than the update of salaries.”

“We come to this Public Hearing to discuss a recomposition of rates of the electricity distributors. The priority is to guarantee universal access to energy services with fair and reasonable rates,” the leader remarked.

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Source: Ambito

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