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While hard skills refer to specialist knowledge or other competences that can be acquired over time and which are easily proven by certificates and references, soft skills are a little more complex to look at. Soft skills are interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s character and behavior towards others. Although it is much more difficult to prove these social, personal and communicative skills, employers in all sectors are attaching increasing importance to them.

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Importance of soft skills in the job market
Those who are technically highly qualified but do not have any soft skills will not only have a hard time on the future job market. The fact is that soft skills, in addition to one’s own appearance, have a significant influence on both the relationship with colleagues and with customers. Social skills not only maintain employability on the labor market, but are also important for overcoming various entrepreneurial and social challenges and are therefore essential success factors in the professional world.

Soft Skills at WIFI ÖÖ
As the number 1 educational partner, WIFI Upper Austria offers over 10,000 up-to-date and practice-oriented courses and seminars, including, of course, a large number of courses relating to the soft skills that are in great demand on the job market. Take advantage of what WIFI Upper Austria has to offer to develop personally and professionally and get fit for the future of the working world

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