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Sebastian Krenz: What is the “The Voice of Germany” winner doing?

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Sebastian Krenz won “The Voice of Germany” at the end of 2021. Now he wants to take off and has big plans, he says in an interview.

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Shortly before Christmas 2021, Sebastian Krenz won “The Voice of Germany”. He is still in contact with his coach Johannes Oerding (40), as he says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. Now he wants to advance his career as a musician. A stressful project, as Krenz admits: After all, he runs a company on the side and is the father of a daughter. Half a year after his “TVOG” victory, the singer has now released his first single “Everyone Needs Someone”, more songs are to follow and an album is planned for early 2023. “You grow with your tasks,” explains Krenz.

You took a lot of time for your first single. What have you been working on these months?

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Sebastian Krenz: After the final of “TVOG” at the end of December 2021, the first thing to do was to form a network. It wasn’t easy at first – I wanted to build something sustainable. I’ve been working hard on my company, hiring new employees and turning all the screws around so that I can focus more on the music. I’m totally grateful that I have such a great company and reliable employees, because without these conditions I couldn’t make music.

I found wonderful management at the end of April and since May I’ve been in Berlin for several days a week for songwriting sessions as well as video and photo shoots. I started my own label and we are working hard on the next singles, about five will be released this year and then an album. I’m really happy that I have this opportunity.

With “The Voice of Germany” you particularly impressed with your high notes. What do you do to get your vote?

Krenz: Regular voice training is a must, although I’ve worked on the range of my voice over the past 15 years – now it’s “just” a matter of keeping warm.

You were on stage with James Arthur on TVOG. Did you get tips from him?

Krenz: I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with James Arthus. He is a big, likeable teddy bear, very kindhearted. I really enjoyed being on stage with him. I learned from him once more how to sing with more feeling. In my past, it was all about “singing along”. The emotions of my own songs are completely different and I can really let myself go there. The feeling is amazing, I love it.

Do you remember the moment your victory was announced? How did that make you feel?

Krenz: As soon as I relive this moment, I get butterflies in my stomach. Such a sensationally touching moment of adrenaline, pure happiness and freedom. Johannes and I stood side by side, trembling. It was the most musically overwhelming moment so far.

Looking back, how grateful are you for taking part in the show?

Krenz: If I could, I would take part a second time. I am so grateful to the entire team for the organization, for the likeable people – someone was always there for you. We were a small, tight-knit family.

Are you still in contact with your coach Johannes Oerding?

Krenz: Indeed, every now and then he gets an update on how things are going for me. I am very grateful to him for his tips and advice.

In addition to music, you have also built up another mainstay, run a company and are the father of a daughter. How do you reconcile all of this?

Krenz: You grow with your tasks. Admittedly, sometimes I feel very stressed. Sometimes I didn’t even know how to deal with it, but then it was time to restructure. But as I said, I am very grateful that I have wonderful people around me who support me in every nook and corner so that I can do everything.

You are at the beginning of your career. What do you wish for your career as a successful singer?

Krenz: Like every artist, I wish for at least a small hit in the near future. I always think a few steps ahead and see successful singles in the next few months, a growing fan base and my own small tour as the next goal.

What was the inspiration for your new song “Everyone Needs Someone”? Is there a personal story about this?

Krenz: In each of my songs I tell stories from my life. Either from the past or what moves me at the moment. My first single was created with the following feelings: the joy of love and current situations. In the song I say things as they are. Everyone has a past and brings it with them into a relationship. This is and will not always be easy. This is the most personal and moving for me of the songs that have come out recently.

They want to continuously release new singles, and an album should come in early 2023. What can fans expect? What themes do you address in your lyrics?

Krenz: I’ve been through a lot in my life, including a lot of love and heartbreak. Probably the most talked about topic ever. I will bring my personal touch to the songs with my voice and – as I said before – I will say things as they are. Maybe not everyone can handle it, but it gets honest!

Is your daughter already showing musical talent? Do you sing with her?

Krenz: We sing together a lot, especially in the car. She loves to sing and I love watching her do it. As a dad, that makes me very proud. She is very independent and knows what she wants.

In the new season of “The Voice of Germany” Johannes Oerding, Nico Santos and Sarah Connor will no longer be seen as coaches. Were you sad when you heard about it?

Krenz: I was surprised, but of course I’m also happy that the three of them can travel a lot again this year and want to concentrate on that. I think working as a coach at “TVOG” is a lot of fun, but it’s also not that easy next to your own tour. That’s why I understand that completely and I’m very happy for the new talents that this year completely different, great and well-known coaches are sitting in the chairs. I’ll be following the next season closely and I’m hoping to get an invite to the show as my own act this year.


Source: Stern

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