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Bill Kaulitz: Does the singer drink too much alcohol?

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Is Bill Kaulitz possibly drinking alcohol too often? One of his colleagues from Tokio Hotel had a “serious word” with him.

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Bill Kaulitz (32) and his twin brother Tom talk about the singer’s alcohol consumption, among other things.

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Bill has felt all day that his brother is “really aggressive” with him, he explains at the beginning of the episode. Before recording, he asked him, “Are you drunk? You sound drunk, Bill.” This was “really reproachful again”. “Yes, I’m a little drunk,” he then explains. And the singer asks: “But don’t you allow me to relax now?” Meanwhile, Tom just “asked if you were too drunk to record the podcast now”.

A few minutes later, Tom explains that he notices how Bill is trying not to “sound drunk”. He jokes that his brother is “completely drunk again”, which Bill denies with a laughing “that’s not true”. The frontman of Tokio Hotel addresses this “image” and reveals that bassist Georg Listing (35) had a “serious word” with him.

“It’s getting too much for him”

“Georg doesn’t like it at all,” explains Bill. “And he said: It’s getting too much for him [dt. “zu viel”] and he wants to distance himself from it.” Tom then asks if Listing meant that on a personal or professional level. “Well I think both,” Bill replies. “I don’t think he thinks it’s good for my career and he doesn’t think so either privately exaggerated.” It’s a bit like the musician saying: “Okay, you drink too much.” Listing thinks “the image just isn’t good. He just doesn’t think it’s good that I’m attached to it like that.”

According to Kaulitz, Listing found it “embarrassing” that the two were greeted with champagne everywhere during an interview marathon on several radio stations. “We love Georg more than anything, but he’s the absolute opposite of us,” explains Tom. “He’s an absolute philistine.”

“Georg would like me to take a different path now, and it’s not like that at all,” explains Bill Kaulitz. He saves “that for the podcast”. It’s always a special day for him “and then I’ll drink a drop here in the podcast, folks. But otherwise I’ll work my ass off.”


Source: Stern

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