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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Duki’s harsh response to rumors of infidelity: “Stop messing around”

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Duki was not silent and came out to defend his girlfriend. To this Twitter he replied: “Or maybe Emilia went out with her Sony team, of which Paco (the boy we see there) is part of her. For the love of God, stop butting into our relationship. With Emilia I live every day 24 hours a day, and you don’t even know. I ask you not to give your opinion anymore, it really affects us.”



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Later, Emilia Mernes’s boyfriend added: “I do not give an opinion just because I do not want to give the matter an entity, but Emilia is the woman who cares for me the most, respects, loves and accompanies me. What is it about questioning any act of others, assuming and inventing things that are not, the worst thing is that they do not even see how much it affects us, how much it bothers. News media, people out there giving their opinions, live and let live”.


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Source: Ambito

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