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New Encuentro channel mics dedicated to nature

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What is life, how life on earth developed and continues to develop, in addition to the evolution, reproduction and adaptation to the environment of the different species, are some of the questions that the installment will seek to answer.


Meanwhile, in “The Cretaceous. Dinosaurs of Patagonia” they can be seen through museum replicas and the voice of the paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguiahow the different dinosaurs that inhabited Patagonia during the Cretaceous period were constituted and lived.

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The series, whose eight chapters last 2 minutes each, is based on an original idea by the journalist Patricia Chainaand was co-produced by Fundación Ázara, Canal Encuentro, and the Audiovisual Content Production Center of the National University of Río Negro.

It shows how Argentine Patagonia has an important paleontological treasure, made up of a large number and variety of fossil remains, and allows us to discover those dinosaurs that inhabited the area millions of years ago.

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“The Cretaceous. Dinosaurs of Patagonia” can also be seen on YouTube.


Source: Ambito

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