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Garden questions for midsummer

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?Wherever I look, there are burrows of miner moths in the leaves of my plants: I’m really desperate! A neem spray could help here, which prevents the little creatures from molting and thus causes them to die. Never use in the morning as it can burn the plant.?Although I always water, some of my balcony flowers droop. I even have water-storing flower boxes. What’s wrong? You’ve probably over-watered and the roots have rotted. Then the plant also begins to wither – in boxes with water storage. So water less, but never let it dry out!? My angel’s trumpet leaves the leaves drooping every evening. I can’t keep up with the watering. Couldn’t I just plant them out?Yes, even very well. It is best to put them in large plastic mesh baskets that you can then pull out in the fall. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hibernate outdoors. Nevertheless, water well at the beginning (intensively every few days!).?Now they are already in the raised bed – the whole garden is full of ants. I don’t want to spread poison. Baking powder does not help! The best remedy against ants is diatomaceous earth. This powder scares off the ants and they immediately dissolve the burrow. Also dusting on ant trails helps well.


Source: Nachrichten

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