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Brad Pitt’s shocking announcement about his future in Hollywood

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Also, The actor reviewed his past and said that at one time he suffered from depression. “I think that joy has been something that I discovered later in life. I always went with the flowI wandered around the world a bit aimlessly, passing from one thing to another. I think for a few years suffered from mild depression and until I have overcome it, until I have fully accepted myself, with the beautiful and the ugly, I have not been able to feel those moments of joy.


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The interview delves mostly into the reflections on his life and even on some of his dreams, since a process of analysis of what he dreams every night has begun. In that sense, Pitt mentioned that his dreams “on the surface they had to do with my fears, with not believing myself to be safe and with feeling completely alone” but he also added that “deep down” he believes they refer to “repressed needs aspects of myself that failed to blossom in childhoodhow to express a healthy anger, developing an individuality and, above all, a voice.


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