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Hailey Bieber is being sued over her new cosmetics brand

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Hailey Bieber has just launched her own skincare brand called Rhode. Now the entrepreneur has been sued.

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It is probably the biggest project of her life: Hailey Bieber has just launched her own cosmetics line under the name Rhode, and there is already trouble.

Hailey Bieber sued over brand names

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A lawsuit was filed against the entrepreneur. The plaintiffs are Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, who themselves founded a fashion label of the same name, Rhode. The two justify their lawsuit on the label’s Instagram page with emotional words.

“Today we were forced to file a lawsuit against Hailey Bieber and her new skincare line that launched last week that uses the ‘rhode’ brand. We didn’t want to file this lawsuit, but we had to to protect our business.” , you write. They got to know each other during their studies and quit their jobs nine years ago to found Rhode.

Plaintiffs are fans themselves

They do not aim to harm Hailey Bieber, on the contrary, they admire Justin Bieber’s wife and want to show solidarity. But “Hailey could choose any name for her skincare line. We only have the RHODE brand name that we built. That’s why we didn’t sell her our brand when she asked for it four years ago, and that’s why we’re now asking her to name it.” to change her skincare line. Her use of our brand harms our business, our employees, our customers and our partners.”

Hailey Bieber also named her new company Rhode for a simple reason: It’s her middle name.

the founders filed a lawsuit in New York against the model. It states that since May 2013, they “have been dedicated, through much personal sacrifice and hardship, to the growth and nurturing of the Rhode brand”. It is now recognized as a respected lifestyle brand, sold in luxury stores and worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.


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