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Married with children: it was known that the actress joins the work after the departure of Érica Rivas

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At the moment, Aruzzi did not make any statements about joining the show, which can be seen next year at the Gran Rex. However, there was a lot of joy on social networks, since everyone knows his work from the successful novels in which she participated: Chiquititas, The First of Us, Educating Nina and 100 days to fall in love.

Why won’t Érica Rivas be in Married with children?

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Much was said about Rivas’ departure from the play, in one of her last interviews the actress was blunt about what happened. “They kicked me out for breaking the balls”, Shooting. He also accused the director of treating her as a feminazi for asking for some modifications in the scripts, since he considered them sexist.

“As a woman, as an actress, as a feminist, it was very important to me. What happens is that I’m not going to do anything, but good. It still hurts what they did. It hurts, it was ugly. They kicked me out because I’m a pain in the ass. They fired me for being a feminist, which for them was being a ball fan. In fact they told me ‘don’t be sour bread’. Because it was the ball fan who marked things for them, ”she said on the Caja Negra program.

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Source: Ambito

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