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Lee Ryan: Singer reportedly arrested after flight

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Singer Lee Ryan is said to have been arrested after a flight. He is said to have insulted the staff, among other things, as reported by the media.

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Lee Ryan (39), member of the British boy band Blue, is said to have been arrested. the singer caused a stir on a plane on Sunday (July 31). He is said to have insulted the staff and refused to sit down when they wouldn’t serve him a drink.

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Other passengers claimed that Ryan had disturbed the flight from Glasgow to London. The singer was described as aggressive and walked up and down the aisle. In addition, Ryan is said to have been drunk. The cabin crew then alerted the police. The singer was allegedly arrested on suspicion of public order violations.

Lee Ryan released again

As “The Sun” further reports, the musician was taken from the plane to a waiting police car. “A 39-year-old man has been arrested for an offense against public order,” a police spokesman told the newspaper. “He was taken into custody at a police station in east London and released the next day as part of the investigation.” The spokesman did not give a name. An official statement by Lee Ryan is also missing.

Ryan founded the boy band Blue in the 2000s with Antony Costa (41), Duncan James (44) and Simon Webbe (43). A new album is due out in September.

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