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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Controversy over the election of James Franco as Fidel Castro: “He is not Latino”

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Aline from Cuba is scheduled to begin production on August 15, with the crew filming in Colombia. Franco will star alongside Ana Villafanewho plays the main character Alina Fernández, Castro’s daughter. my master she also appears in the film as Alina’s mother, Natalia Revuelta, the Cuban socialite who gave birth to her after an affair with Castro.

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The script follows Alina’s life as Castro’s illegitimate daughter and critic of his reign in Cuba before she left the country and defected to Spain in 1993. Franco’s election as Fidel Castro was supported Alina Fernandezwho participates in the film as a creative and biographical consultant on the set.

Leguizamo often advocates for Latino representation in Hollywood, telling People magazine in 2020, “We are less than 1% of the stories told by Hollywood and broadcast media and networks when we are almost 20% of the population, the 25% of the US box office. I feel that it is a great harm for children not to see themselves reflected in a positive way.”

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