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The anguish of Juan José Camero due to a health problem

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“The truth is that I was delaying the decision to share my current reality with you, without this entailing the slightest pretense of overwhelming you, nothing more distant; it is only necessary because my soul dictates that I make this confession to you, which already costs. I hope and hope that they understand the true meaning, the reason that leads me to do it”, he specified.

And he continued: “Perhaps many have already noticed it, given my difficulty in writing and the times I am forced to correct. I do not know why I delayed in revealing this truth, nor why today and not before, I dedicate myself to doing it.

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“Perhaps, the decision is generated by my essence of loyalty and sincerity with all those human beings with whom I somehow relate,” he said about his decision to speak now.

And he explained what problem in his vision he has: “The mist has covered my eyes. Other things happen to other people, this happened to me, I can’t read or write like I used to. I have tried everything that can be done so far, since this difficulty began years ago, I have been going through it with the hope of an endless number of treatments carried out, but they did not prosper”.

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“I must say that my blindness is not total, I do not need to touch a face to know what it is like, I can walk through this house without tripping and look out the window and see, albeit dimly, the gifts of nature. I can also, and do, carefully pick the blessed fruits of the lemon tree that bears a plant at the back of the house where I live, ”he highlighted about his painting.

And he explained with precision: “I have a relative blindness, the innumerable and competent professionals that I have consulted, to whom I thank them for their expected and deep dedication, have determined and agreed that I only have a ten percent of my capacity of my vision that it is almost, and I am sorry to say this, almost a semi-blindness. The diagnosis, according to hundreds of professionals I attend, have concluded that it is absolutely irreversible”.

“It is true, I accept it and share it with you, but I do not feel myself to be the champion of misfortune, nor the standard-bearer of human pain. And as Saramago would say: ‘There is a lot of blindness in the world and this evil is spreading. It is clear that it is not a physical blindness or at least, not only. I think we are not in a world where we use reason rationally. We use reason to, for example, reach the moon, but we are incapable of using it to reach other human beings, who, finally, are the closest and truest universe we have’. Infinite gratitude for reading this, which was not easy for me to confess. I hope you receive from me a strong and my always sincere hug, “Juan José Camero concluded the text.


Source: Ambito

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