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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Viviana Canosa resigned from her program and launched a public letter explaining her reasons

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He added: “Also we have a difference with the channel regarding the notion of violence. In our opinion, what generates violence is poverty, indigence, unemployment, inflation and all the disasters that we will spare ourselves mention. We are not naive. We know that communication amplifies and influences. But we do not confuse the problem with the symptom. They are not the same”.

“Our commitment is with the facts and with the truth. Our opinions and editorial line are solely ours, and we have always been willing to bear the costs of defending them.”, Canosa pointed out and continued with some recognitions: “We thank A24 for giving us a screen for a year and a half. And to all the channel workers for the quality of their work and their love”.

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Viviana Canosa has been involved in numerous controversies throughout the duration of her cycle, perhaps one of the most relevant moments was when she took live chlorine dioxide, a chemical hazardous to health, according to several state health agencies around the world.

Source: Ambito

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