Actor: Brad Pitt: “I don’t want to run away from aging”

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Oscar winner Brad Pitt would like society to embrace aging with more open arms. anti aging? A fairy tale. This attitude also influences Brad Pitt’s own skin care line.

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Hollywood star Brad Pitt doesn’t want to struggle with aging. “I don’t want to run away from aging,” the 58-year-old told British Vogue. “It’s a concept we can’t escape and I’d rather see our culture embrace it with a little more open arms,” ​​said the two-time Academy Award winner.

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Pitt has recently started selling its own skin care line, but in its own words rejected a product promise such as “anti-aging” (roughly: prevention of old age): “It’s ridiculous, a fairy tale”. It is important to learn to love yourself and treat yourself better. “Just age healthily, age healthily.”

Source: Stern

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