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Chain layering: How to style the jewelry trend 2022 correctly

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True to the motto more is more: chain layering is still in vogue. But how does the jewelry trend work? And what do you have to consider?

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It’s not brand new, but it’s always reinventing itself: chain layering is still an absolute jewelry trend. But how does it work properly? And what is there to consider? If you stick to these things, you really can’t go wrong.

Chain Layering: Choose different lengths

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What chain layering definitely doesn’t mean: just put on all the chains you have at home. Then it not only happens that the pieces of jewelry get tangled – and in the end you have an insane amount of work to untangle them. But without a plan, the whole thing looks pretty ugly and loses its aesthetics.

So the basic rule is: Play with different styles and sizes. This ensures that each chain can work on its own when layering. Grab for example and combine it with a statement choker that fits tightly around the neck. A gold curb chain or a silver model with a high-contrast pendant or stone fits between these two chains. Through contraststhe look really gets exciting. And the more varied the lengths of the chains, the less they will tangle throughout the day.

Jewelry trend “Maximism”: More is more

When it comes to chain layering, it’s especially nice if you combine at least three chains together. Of course, the brave can try even more and mix different colours, materials and motifs. Basically, whatever pleases is allowed. If you choose an eye-catching layered look, the rest of the accessories should not be the focus of attention so that the jewelry can really look good. A solid color top is then a good choice. And it’s best to stop when you have six chains, otherwise they can no longer work properly.

But chain layering also works with filigree pieces of jewellery

However, if you don’t really like coin chains, shells or opulent jewelry, you can still try chain layering. Because the combination of without any decor is possible and ensures a clean and minimalist look that is particularly classy and elegant. In addition, this variant goes with every outfit – also practical. However, this look looks best with a little cleavage. Then the delicate chains – which, as mentioned above, you should definitely combine in different lengths – look particularly good.

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