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“The manager”: Francella and Goity, once again the perfect duo

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The network of characters is enjoyable, beginning with Guillermo Francella as the goalkeeper, in a composition that shows him ambiguous and with multiple masks.

Gabriel Goity as the president of the consortium, egocentric and overwhelming, will become the Judas of Eliseo (Francella). Suddenly, the manager goes from being the savior and fixer to a threatening internal enemy who knows perfectly the movements of the neighbors and can use them for his own benefit. His master plan so that they do not take his house away and avoid his dismissal exposes a character full of nuances: in addition to being a liar and corrupt, he is shown in his most intimate loneliness. He is both a hero and a villain, a liar and a supporter, but he never loses sight of acting according to his convenience in order to profit.

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The conflicts of a consortium of owners were addressed on several occasions, from Alex de la Iglesia’s hilarious black comedy “La Comunidad” to Juan José Campanella’s play “What do we do with Walter”, among many others. In “The Manager” the building is exposed as a mosaic of tastes, desires, fears, that the doorman does not want for himself and despises. There is resentment in his eyes but also attributions typical of a job such as goalkeeper that is not replicated in any other country in the world.

Francella is characterized by gray hair, a hunchback, a paunchy and disheveled, he is described by many as “weird” or trusting and they do not understand his reasons for rejecting an available compensation of half a million dollars to send him to move. However, the answer lies perhaps in the joy of complicating the lives of those he helped for three decades.

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In addition to the two solid antagonists, there are several characters that make the series enjoyable: Darío Barassi as the head of security; Gastón Cocchiarale as the goalkeeper; Pochi Ducasse as Doña Beba, the oldest owner; Martín Seefeld as Doña Beba’s nephew; Mirtha Busnelli as a plastic artist who was a celebrity; Jorge D’Elía as a brigadier under house arrest who is the most feared neighbor and Moro Anghileri as a nanny, among others.

Delving into the main character’s motives to insist on his master plan reveals his truth: Eliseo feels like God in that familiar environment and manipulated by him at will. If he changed, he would lose his life, which may seem far from the panacea but it is the one he knows and is not willing to abandon.

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