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“The Rebirth”, the transition from child to adult of Santiago Artemis

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The growth took him on several sides, from success as an artist to pain and disappointment as a human being, thus generating an internal change and the search for new decisions to grow and change. This is behind us and Artemis now has a new look at everything and especially at himself.

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In this collection he lets himself be carried away again by his creative and accelerated mind that does not apologize, without listening to anyone but at the same time, attentive to everything. Singular characters in each past, their surreal dreams, their happy experiences and also the painful ones.

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Along with this new way of designing and continuing to focus on evening gowns, quince dresses and bridal gowns, Artemis begins to show its talent in new areas: jeans, sportswear and leather.


On this occasion, the plastic artist Leandro Sívori, a brilliant creator, known for his hearts and his high-impact works, collaborates with Santiago.


In his new collection, Santiago Artemis once again takes charge of his imaginary world, to bring joy, disruption, madness and high impact to Argentine fashion.


It was not just a parade, it was a complete performance where design, avant-garde, art, expression and freedom were lived. Santiago wanted to tell us a story and a transformation that the collection itself titled.

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Source: Ambito

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