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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Big Brother Spain: the trial for the sexual abuse of a former participant begins

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The trial was scheduled to start in February, but was suspended due to mental problems of the victim that prevented him from testifying. After the suspension, and according to the ABC newspaper, Prado renounced the accusation of his alleged aggressor.

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Sexual abuse in Big Brother of Spain

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The events occurred when it was being recorded for Telecinco, in the house where contestants are held for weeks to capture with cameras and microphones all their movements, while the audience decides which participants to eliminate.

A young woman accused a companion, with whom he “had begun a romantic relationship some 50 days earlier” according to the prosecution, if sexually abused herwhen it was advanced intoxicatedin one of the rooms under the gaze of the cameras.

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According to the prosecution, the man took advantage of the fact that the woman was in a “semi-conscious state” and, both covered under a quilt, made “touching, rubbing and movements of purely sexual content, stripping the victim of her clothing”.

The young “even on two occasions I raise my hand like wanting to tell him to stop” and he came to babble “I do not can”the prosecution wrote in a statement.

After about ten minutes, when the young woman uncovered her face and let “its inert state” be seen, it was when one of the technicians “in charge of viewing the recording” intervened.

How Carlota Prado finds out that she was raped by a partner

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The images were never broadcast and the matter did not come to light until two years later, when the press revealed in 2019 that the woman had had to watch the recordings the next morning in a isolated room called “confessional”.

A video of this interrogation, which was broadcast by an Internet outlet, showed the young woman crying and imploring the video to stop.

“They never asked me if I wanted to see that (…) if they asked me, I would have said no”he later told a Spanish medium.

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