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The preview of summer: everything there is to know about construction and maintenance of swimming pools

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  • How much does it cost to build a pool?

Talking about costs in our country is always a complex issue, since due to the inflationary problems that we suffer and many times the lack of supplies, costs are constantly changing. Additionally, the cost of a pool depends on many circumstances, such as the construction material, the type of pool, the terrain or the accessories. However, it is possible to get a general idea of ​​prices; A standard size pool (8x4mts is the traditional size), with all its complete filtering equipment, lights and lining costs between US$10,000 and US$12,000. In any case, it is important to note that each project is unique and the budget must always be adjusted specifically to each one of them.

  • What are the most common mistakes when building a pool?

As we have already explained, there are many factors to take into account when building a pool and it is important not to neglect any of them to obtain the ideal project. The most common mistake always turns out to be skimping on construction materials. Many times with the idea of ​​being able to sell at a better price and make a greater number of pools, the minimum quantities of materials needed are reduced, which compromises the structure of the pool and can lead to future problems such as cracks or leaks. When working with water, it is very important that the structure is resistant and does not give way with time and its pressure; for this it is essential, for example: to use double mesh with 6mm irons and 8mm iron reinforcements, if it is necessary to reinforce with transverse beams and use a large thickness of concrete. Therefore, you cannot “save” money on the quantity and quality of construction materials, doing so is the main mistake.

  • Is the choice of paint key to optimizing the operation of the pool? Which paint is more recommended and why?
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The reality is that currently, paint is not the optimal material for the best functioning of the pool. The main reason is that it requires constant maintenance. Although water-resistant paints are manufactured, with the continuous use of the pool and the chemicals necessary for cleaning the water, the paint inevitably wears off. Additionally, the material is rough when using the sink.

That is why today the best option is to cover the inside of the sink with venecitas, since it is an unalterable material, requires little care and, above all, is pleasant to the touch. Today there is a wide variety of designs and colors of venecitas, as well as qualities, being national or imported, being a customizable alternative to the taste of each client.

  • What are the current trends in the market?
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pools 3.png

Today the pools are one more member of a functional and aesthetic environment. A pool not only offers you that recreational space, but also decorates the garden, beautifies the home and enhances the entire property itself. That is why the trends of the designs are also changing according to the evolution of the trends in the construction of houses, since the pools must have a similar and complementary design to them, they must continue with the design chosen in throughout the housing project, respect the design and tones of the house and the exterior.

Minimalist designs currently predominate, with straight lines with a beach or humid solarium, and also straight and smooth edges. In terms of colours, in addition to the traditional coating colors such as light blue, blue, turquoise or white, dark tones are making their way, since it is often the best way to accompany the style of the house and the yard.

  • What products should be used to achieve the best performance of the pool?

To achieve optimum operation of the pool, you must have a complete filtering team. The complete filtering system is made up of: the pump, filters and pipes, which are responsible for absorbing the water, cleaning it and oxygenating it and then returning it back to the clean pool. It works when the pump is activated, which can be manually or automatically through a timer.

  • Which chlorine should be used (according to the material of the pool): liquid, fast granulated, slow granulated, tablets?

In terms of water maintenance, the best chemical products are granulated chlorine accompanied by tablets. Granulated chlorine can be fast or slow dissolving according to the material used inside the pool. If the pool is painted, it must be quick-dissolving granulated chlorine, so that it does not take longer than it should to dissolve, and in this way take care of the paint. If the pool is lined, it will be slow-dissolving granulated chlorine, since it does not affect the venecitas, which take longer to dilute. The tablets that are located in floating buoys are both triple action, since they carry out the actions of clarifying, decanting and coagulating the water. Liquid chlorine should be avoided since it is of the lowest quality and can damage both the paint and the coating.

As an alternative to these chemicals, there are solar or electronic ionizers and purifiers, both of which eliminate algae, fungi, bacteria, viruses and other impurities and can reduce the use of chlorine by between 50 and 80%.

  • Three tips for building a pool
  1. Choose the design of the pool according to the aesthetic design of the garden and the house, so that they complement each other.
  2. Locate the pool where it has a greater number of hours of sunlight and away from large trees to avoid root problems and facilitate water maintenance.
  3. Opt for venecitas coating and Led lights.

Source: Ambito

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