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Cabaret artist: Bernd Stelter: Laugh and have fun even in times of crisis

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In the face of the energy crisis and inflation, many people are frugal these days. This is also noticeable in the ticket sales during the carnival. Bernd Stelter tries to change the mind of those who hesitate.

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Bernd Stelter, cabaret artist and Cologne carnival great, calls on revelers to celebrate carnival despite the energy crisis and inflation. “It’s important to laugh and have fun, especially in these times,” said Stelter, referring to the sluggish advance sales for carnival events. “That’s why you should say, I’m going there now and renouncing something else,” said the 61-year-old of the German Press Agency.

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A survey by the Cologne Festival Committee had shown that around 80 percent of the member clubs were registering drastic slumps in advance sales for meetings and parties. Due to the rising energy and living costs and fear of Corona, many people waited until they bought tickets, the reasoning was given.

“If income drops again and events are canceled, I fear that some clubs will not survive,” said Stelter. “That would be a disaster for volunteers in Germany. The clubs offer social contacts and achieve great things.”

Even with him personally, appearances are on the brink, but cancellations are not threatening his existence. “I’ve been on stage for 33 years and I really enjoy it. If there are no performances, I won’t go broke, but I will be sad because I can’t go on stage.”

Source: Stern

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