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Actor: “Masked Singer” was “traumatic” for Ryan Reynolds

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“The Masked Singer” in South Korean: Ryan Reynolds does not have fond memories of his appearance on the show a few years ago

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“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds recalls his appearance on the South Korean “Masked Singer” show with horror. “I was in actual hell,” said the 46-year-old to the laughter of his interlocutors on the American “Today” show.

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During the performance a few years ago, he asked himself: “Why did I say yes to that? It’s terrible! I don’t even know this song, I don’t know how to do this. It was traumatic.”

In “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identity behind elaborate costumes. The Canadian-American actor took part in a press tour of “The Masked Singer” in Asia in 2018 before the music advice show was also available in the USA or Germany.

“When you do these international tours, you start asking, ‘What’s the funniest show we can be on?'” Reynolds said. “At the time, no westerner had been on the show before, so it was a big surprise when I took off my mask.”

The Hollywood star had performed the song “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie” under a unicorn mask in South Korea. A YouTube video from South Korean TV channel MBC shows the audience’s enthusiastic reaction when the actor revealed himself.

“The Masked Singer” has also been available in Germany since 2019. Just last Saturday, actor Daniel Donskoy disguised as a mole won the latest season of the format on ProSieben.

Source: Stern

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