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How we can easily find happiness in the “Niksen”.

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What may sound easy at first is not so easy: “You spin the hamster wheel, think about the next appointment, go through the shopping list in your head or fidget with your foot. Consciously doing nothing, on the other hand, is a high art,” says Author Annette Lavrijsen.

Niksen is about small moments of time out, conscious breathing and giving the mind a break. “It allows you to be with yourself for a moment and be more aware of your body.” Incidentally, the energy stores would be refilled. “Timely breaks are important so that body and mind can recharge,” writes “Nikserin” Annette Lavrijsen.

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But that’s not all. Studies would show that doing nothing also increases the quality of sleep. “Anyone who is constantly on reception cannot relax and does not get any rest in the evening either. If you allow yourself more breaks during the day, the stress level drops. This also has a positive effect on the quality of sleep,” says the author, who says: ” Niksen creates more balance in life, but you have to take your time, at first consciously look out the window, breathe in and out and let your thoughts run free.”

Book tip: Annette Lavrijsen: “Niksen. How to find happiness in doing nothing”, Knesebeck, 144 pages, 16.50 euros

Source: Nachrichten

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