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Coldplay in Argentina: luxury closure to its record visit

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Nevertheless, Coldplay successfully made an effort to make the night memorable for those present, starting with the impressive staging that has already been discussed a lot throughout all these days, a good dose of classics, several of the songs from the album that motivated this tour and an unforgettable set with songs from soda Stereo along with Zeta and Charly.

“We need to make better songs. Maybe we can call some friends”, said the leader of Coldplay when halfway through the show it was time to thunder the 60,000 attendees with “American blinds” Y “light music”.

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The two Sodas stayed a while longer to accompany the British on their hit “Yellow” Y Chris Martin He crowned his tribute to the Argentine band by showing that he had tattooed the legend “Thank you totals” on his arm.

Thus, Charly and Zeta had their second night as guests, just as days ago they were also on two dates Tinywho had added his voice to “Let Somebody Go” and your own success “Meat and bone”.

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And if in past dates the international stellar presence was Jinfrom the South Korean K-pop group btslast night it was the Colombian’s turn Manuel Turizowho played “The bachata”.

Beyond the guests, the rest of the show maintained its level of spectacularity at every minute, and among so many explosions, colored lights, screens and stages that extended through catwalks, the group took care of providing closeness with well-intentioned gestures.

The great success lies in this case in that, although the show did not present great variations in its ten nights, neither in repertoire nor in movements, the warmth of the band drives away any danger of automation.

As the voracity with which the tickets for these shows were sold out, the public responded effusively every minute and even had the opportunity to actively participate through the famous bracelets with LED lights.

classics like “The Scientist”, “A Sky Full of Stars”, “Clocks”, “Live life” either “Fix You”, among others, facilitated the massive chorus, but this spilled over into the rest of the repertoire. Martin had a great responsibility in this due to his constant harangues, his long speeches in friendly Spanish, his indelible smile and his loving words.

More withdrawn but focused on the music, the guitarist Johnny Bucklandthe bassist Guy Berryman and the drummer Will Champion they sounded especially tight on this last night.

The truth is that when the band said goodbye in the middle of fireworks with “Biutyful” It set the much talked about record of ten presentations at River in the same visit, but it also put an end to a series that will remain in the memory of the 600,000 people who attended.

Well, if many years later the local rock audience still remembers the staging of the tour “Bridges to Babylon”of The Rolling Stones; either “The Wall”of Roger Waters; without a doubt this “Music of the Spheres World Tour” It will be a topic of conversation for many years for those who attended.

In the ten dates, the opening was in charge of the local Zoe Gotusso and the American singer-songwriter HERa remarkable artist who stands out on the guitar, has a great voice and masters several instruments.

Between songs with an air of soul and R&B, and rock tributes to Joan Jett, What in either Lenny Kravitz; The artist was reaping ovations night after night and in her last presentation she broke down in tears of emotion.

Little more than two hours later they were going to be the members of Coldplay those moved by the farewell, because it is true that a record was broken and the numbers are chilling, but the British are not going to forget these days of full stardom in Buenos Aires so easily either.

By Hernani Natale

Source: Ambito

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