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British royals: Man arrested for throwing eggs at King Charles

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No one is harmed when an egg flies towards King Charles during a visit to York in the royal family. The protest could have something to do with the colonial past of the royal family.

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After throwing eggs at the British King Charles III. and King’s consort Camilla, a man has been arrested in the northern English city of York. A 23-year-old was arrested on suspicion of violating public order, the police said on Wednesday.

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Videos circulated on social networks showing how several eggs flew out of a crowd on the side of the road in the direction of the royal couple, which they only just missed. Television images showed the 73-year-old monarch on a cordoned-off street in York’s old town, with a broken egg lying on the pavement at his feet.

In a video posted on Twitter by Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English, several police officers appeared to be holding a person behind a roadblock. According to the reporter, the man may have acted in protest at the royal family’s handling of the country’s colonial past. He cried out that the country was built “on the blood of slavery,” wrote English. The arrested person was not visible on the video. However, additional videos circulating on social media later showed a young man being carried away in shackles and put into a police van.

King Charles and Queen Camilla, 75, were in the northern English county of Yorkshire on Wednesday as part of a two-day visit. On Wednesday morning they were welcomed with a traditional reception in the historic old town of York. Many onlookers had gathered on the streets to take a look at the royal couple. The visit continued despite the incident. Charles later unveiled the first statue of his mother Elizabeth II in the city since her death on September 8th.

Tweet from Rebecca English

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