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Sweater trends: colorful, more colorful, knitted sweaters in autumn 2022

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This is how dopamine dressing works in winter 2022: stars and influencers show how to make a fashion statement with colorful knitted jumpers.

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The Dopamine Dressing fashion trend accompanies us into autumn and makes the winter months quite a colorful affair. Because now cozy knit sweaters are becoming a fashion statement.

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Restrained colors such as grey, beige, brown or black will disappear quite far into the wardrobe in the autumn and winter wardrobe of 2022. Instead, fashion professionals bring out pullovers in bright colors and with exciting patterns.

Colorful sweater with pattern

As is so often the case, social media is a good source of inspiration when it comes to the trending styles of the respective season. A brightly colored grandma-style knit sweater will keep you fashionably up to date in the coming months.

Show how casual this look is, among other things, “Germany’s next top model” presenter Heidi Klum (49) and fashion influencer Leonie Hanne (34) on their respective Instagram profiles. The two fashion icons wear wide-cut, chunky knit sweaters with brightly colored stripes.

With the statement sweater, she wears jeans, neon-colored sneakers, an XL shopper and a bucket hat in a teddy fur look.

With the bright pullover that slips casually over her shoulder, she combines a trendy maxi skirt in light yellow, which picks up one of the colors from the pullover, extravagant sunglasses and a handbag in bright orange. Dopamine dressing in its most beautiful form!

Make a monochromatic statement

Cathy Hummels (34), Marie Nasemann (33) and (for men) Massimo Sinató (41) show how it’s done on Instagram: You can also make a bright fashion statement with knitted jumpers in a single color.

The most popular bright colors among celebrities: a strong pink and a bright orange. As far as the cut is concerned, there are no limits to the styling. wears a cozy orange turtleneck sweater on an autumn trip, for example.

on the other hand wears a bright orange and red sweater with a round neckline.

combines a finely knitted sweater with a V-neckline with pink high-waisted jeans for her fall dopamine dressing look.

(33) shows us a look with an oversized turtleneck knit sweater in a rather soft yet eye-catching shade of pink. She combines it with simple, golden creoles. An outfit that puts you in a good mood!

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