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Singer: Schlager couple Mross and Woitschack announce separation

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In the summer of 2020, the two married live on television, now Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack have announced the end of their marriage online.

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Stefan Mross and his wife Anna-Carina Woitschack have announced their separation. “Life has had many challenges for us lately, too many…” they wrote in a joint Instagram post on Friday. After countless “speculations” recently, they now wanted to tell their truth, according to the statement by the two hit stars. “We had a wonderful and crazy time, fought our way through many a storm and can still look into each other’s eyes lovingly.” Mross (46) and Woitschack also asked to refrain from further speculation in order to protect their privacy

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The couple married live on TV in June 2020 – on the ARD program “Schlagerlovestory.2020 – The big reunion”.

Since 2005, trumpeter and singer Mross has moderated the hit show “Always Again on Sundays”. Among other things, he suffered a fainting spell in 2014 after testing hot currywurst sauces in the oppressive heat. The music show always reaches an audience of millions.

Source: Stern

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