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Elon Musk fans build a huge monument to their idol

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A number of people have an ambivalent opinion about Tesla boss and, more recently, Twitter owner Elon Musk. Not so his fans. They have come up with something very special in his honor.

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Monuments actually get personalities whose work represented something particularly valuable or helpful for many people. In the vast majority of cases, this only happens after the death of the person in question.

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In Austin, USA, at the end of this year, billionaire Elon Musk, currently known for his zigzag course on Twitter, who is in excellent health at the age of 51, is to receive the honor of a monument.

Elon Musk with giant goat body

Canadian metal sculptors Kevin and Michelle Stone, commissioned by cryptocurrency specialist Elon GOAT Token, erected a 30-foot-long statue of a goat’s body, topped with a replica Musk’s head. The statue was made entirely of aluminum in around 700 hours of work and at a price of almost 600,000 euros.

The choice of the goat’s body refers to the meaning of the word “goat”, which in English is both a goat and an acronym of “Gretest Of All Time”, i.e. “greatest” or “best of all time”.

“Most Innovative Human Alive”

A spokesperson for Elon GOAT Token said via the Daily Mail that “most people thought we’d never make it, but after a year of construction it’s almost time to bring Elon home. […] Actually, we just want to meet the guy in person and give him this. After all, he’s the most innovative human alive, hence the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time.”

The reactions to the action on social media are divided. In addition to some agreement, there are assessments such as “poor” or simply incredulous amazement.

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