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Contagious: brooches are in, and stars show them how to wear them

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Brooches are the jewel of the hour. Queen Elizabeth II never went to any occasion without the accessory, now they also wear style icons. And soon maybe King Charles III.

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By Marcus Luft

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When Donald Trump made a state visit to Great Britain a few years ago, Queen Elizabeth II apologized at the first meeting. Instead of shaking hands with the then President, she preferred to receive clergymen that day. She wore a special piece of jewelery to the audience, a flower brooch that she had received as a gift from Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, in 2011.

Although the Queen managed not to comment publicly on political issues during her 70-year reign, she could not resist wearing jewelry with a pungent effect. The picture of her brooch went around the world, and her negative attitude towards Trump became more than clear.

Source: Stern

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