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Luis Felipe Noé, or the permanent reinvention of an exceptional artist

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His career as an artist, an incessant creativity, a constant rejection of pigeonholes and conventions. Never in a Noé exhibition, and she has already carried out more than 100 individual shows, she will pass before the works without consequences; timeless work to which you can return and see as if it were the first time.

What are those consequences? Surprise for the materials that he dares to use, the daring combinations of empty frames, fabrics hanging from racks, deconstruction of the conventional painting, inclusions of mirrors and other materials, historical themes, landscapes, the human being, the quotes from writers and thinkers who they have left their mark on their training, the absolute freedom that screams from the canvas in the face of critical processes in the country, something also important; the invitation to reflection. Take for example one of his phrases: “when I think about the world, I paint and when I think about painting, I write”.


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Among the thoughts of this artist is the concept of painting, which for him continues to be manual, but his constant concern is the limit of painting as the ideal medium to reflect today’s world. Digital art does not reflect the networked world in and of itself, nor is painting condemned to not being able to achieve it. As usual in November, the Rubbers gallery is taken over by Noé. The current exhibition is entitled “Life is an Abstract Word”, twelve works in which he reflects on the multiple meanings of the word life that at 89 years old takes on an abstract dimension.

“Beyond…what?”, oily and dry pastel, acrylic ink, acrylic on large canvas; “Question of limits”, acrylic ink and acrylic on canvas, and various techniques; “Digressions”, “For the other side”, “Everything is possible as long as it is absurd enough”, “Living other people’s lives”, “The unforeseen destiny”, titles that remind us of the famous Shakespearean phrase from act 2 , scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet: What’s in a name? that is, “what is a name worth?” It doesn’t mean anything but Noé loves titles and it gives the viewer clues. A Noah is immediately recognizable: vibrant brushstrokes, colorful idem, he once pointed out: “as long as color exists there is hope”, vital and vertiginous line, fragmented vision, nothing is static, work full of intricacies, daring, sometimes ironic, and as Fermín Fevre already said in 1997: “he creates an exclusive painting, coming from his bowels that could not exist if there were not such an overflowing inner world in it”. In this exhibition he also gives a Van Gogh-style jewel: “Naturally”. , acrylic, acrylic ink, bronze, wooden frame, oil on canvas. (Rubbers International Av. Alvear 1640 PB Monday to Friday from 12 to 18).

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