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Roland Kaiser: “Silvia is the love of my life!”

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“I love their intelligence, reliability and strength,” says Roland Kaiser enthusiastically about his third wife Silvia in an interview.

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With his current album “Perspectives”, Roland Kaiser (70) created a sensation in autumn: After more than 40 years, he stormed back to the top of the German album charts. And the hit star is also more successful live than ever. From mid-May to early September 2023, he can be seen again next year in numerous cities in Germany and Austria with his “Alles ok!” open-air tour.

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“I’m looking forward to what’s to come and enjoying the moment – without forgetting that it won’t stay like this forever,” explains the now 70-year-old singer in an interview. Kaiser has had to go through some ups and downs in his life. But it was only through “the great low that I had to go through for ten years that I became the completely happy person I am today,” he is sure. His third wife Silvia is one of his great fortunes. “She is a very special and unusual woman and definitely the love of my life!”

Her now 30th studio album “Perspectives” has been in the charts for weeks. Was there a milestone where your perspective on life changed significantly?

Roland Kaiser: I am the father of three wonderful children – actually there are four, because I have long considered Tim, whom my wife Silvia brought into the marriage, as my own son. And of course that changed everything! Suddenly I was no longer the focus, but the children. As a result, I reduced myself back to the normal size and mainly looked at what is good for the offspring. That’s good for me!

Why exactly?

Kaiser: Because I work in an industry where I’ve always been tempted to believe that I’m bigger than others and somehow infallible. Success and applause are wonderful things; but both can also go to your head and change you negatively. But in the end we are all just little people who sometimes take ourselves far too seriously. Having to experience firsthand how fragile our lives can be has also humbled me.

Are you referring to the time when doctors diagnosed you with the chronic and life-threatening lung disease COPD?

Emperor: Exactly! For the first few years, I consistently didn’t make the diagnosis public because I absolutely didn’t want to show my fans any weaknesses. Until at some point it just didn’t work anymore. My second life began with the lung transplant 12 years ago. Since then I experience everything much more consciously, more attentively and deal with things much more carefully – also with my own life.

Did you ever ask yourself: why me?

Kaiser: No, because I think that we are strokes of fate; Just have to accept the ups and downs in life. And looking back, the health drama also had something good: it was only through the great depression that I had to endure for ten years that I became the completely happy person I am today.

The title “Confidence” from the new album is an appeal to reconciliation and to approach each other. A nice signal in times of social division.

Kaiser: I would be very happy if we all resumed dialogue with each other. Because if the parts of society that have drifted apart do not come together again, the consequences would be fatal. We have to approach each other and talk to each other – in all areas: This applies to topics such as Corona, migration policy, the energy crisis or the Ukraine war. In the case of the latter, saber-rattling alone is guaranteed not to end this conflict. In my opinion, the right way is through diplomacy and negotiation.

What gives you personal confidence that we will overcome everything well?

Kaiser: For me, the glass was and is always half full. That was also the case in my most difficult times of crisis. I’ve always believed that everything will be fine in the end – and fortunately, at least for me, it’s always been that way.

Live you are more successful than ever. In the course of this year’s open-air summer tour alone, you played in front of more than 300,000 fans…

Kaiser: That’s really fantastic. I am very grateful and happy that concerts are finally possible again after two long years of the pandemic. People have longed for this form of entertainment.

Do you enjoy your live shows much more consciously and intensely than you used to?

Kaiser: Yes, I used to be incredibly nervous before performances and I was very afraid of making mistakes. Because of the second life that was given to me, the eternal search for perfection has given way to a deep inner peace and anticipation of the show. That’s very lucky! I no longer feel my performances as a burden today, but I know that it will definitely be a nice evening.

Have you ever wondered why you are so well received by the younger generation?

Kaiser: My daughter once said to me: Dad, you’re not even trying to curry favor with us. Even when it’s 35 degrees in the shade you put on your three-piece suit on stage and do your thing: no jeans and t-shirt, no superficially cool sayings. You stay authentic and we think that’s cool! Maybe that’s an explanation.

You have been successful in showbiz for almost 50 years. Do you sometimes wonder where the time has gone?

Kaiser: I’m not really into wistful retrospectives. I’m still here, I’m sure I’ll continue for a while and so I prefer to look ahead. I’m looking forward to what’s to come and enjoying the moment – without forgetting that it won’t stay like this forever. All I can do is try to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible.

What are you doing for it?

Kaiser: I manage my energy much more consciously than I used to, I only drink alcohol in moderation and do sport every day. I even set up a small fitness center in my new house for this; with equipment, rowing machine and a treadmill. And there is always an ergometer in my dressing room. I really want to stay in shape so that I can still be on stage for two and a half hours without a break in a few years.

You turned 70 this May. The lifetime that remains becomes more manageable. Are there moments when you would like to turn back the clock?

Emperor: No! Because if I were to do that, I would once again be on the threshold of the extremely challenging times with my serious illness. And I can do without that! Everything is fine the way it is. I have an amazing wife, wonderful children and grandchildren. Today I am completely happy and satisfied. That is a huge gift, especially since far too few people can really say that about themselves.

What helps you when you think about your own finiteness and death?

Kaiser: I am not only a social democrat, but also a very religious person. I know that if I have to go one day, it’s not the end for me, but that something will come after that. It is also very comforting for me that a lot of me stays here in a certain way: in my children and grandchildren; in the minds and hearts of the people who love me. I’m not afraid of death! At some point we all put on our last shirt.

You have been married to your third wife, Silvia, for more than 26 years. Why does it fit so perfectly this time while your first two marriages failed?

Kaiser: Looking back, the failure of my first two marriages is mainly due to me: In my first marriage, I was just too curious about other women and often cheated on them. And with my second wife, it was my irrepressible workaholism. That was the time in the first half of the 1990s, when I was also working successfully as a TV producer alongside my music career. I was therefore almost always on the road and unfortunately neglected my marriage very much during this time.

And then everything was different with Silvia?

Kaiser: I learned from my mistakes. In addition, with Silvia, all the components are just right. I love her smarts, reliability and strength – and the great appeal she still has in all areas to this day. It also takes a lot of strength, love and empathy to walk the rocky path together with a very sick person for so many years and also to raise two children.

Something like that welds together…

Kaiser: But it can also destroy a marriage. The crisis actually made the two of us grow so close together that nothing can separate us anymore. Silvia is a very special and unusual woman and definitely the love of my life!

What is your personal recipe for happiness?

Kaiser: We have received great respect and admiration for one another to this day. And our loving tone with each other has never been lost. In addition, we always see and take life with a large portion of humor.

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