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Sarah Engels: That’s why she’s a “huge” winter fan

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Sarah Engels enjoys the cold season – also sporty. The former ‘Holiday On Ice’ star continues to lace up his skates.

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Singer and actress Sarah Engels (30) is “really looking forward to winter”. The 30-year-old is still a big figure skating fan and wants to put on her skates again soon. In 2019 she won the Sat1 show “Dancing on Ice” with her professional partner Joti Polizoakis (27). Then came “Holiday On Ice”: In 2019/2020, the all-rounder, together with her ice skating partner and best friend Polizoakis, proved her skills and great passion for figure skating with two of her own performances and in the grand finale: “A great experience and a unique experience, which I will carry in my heart forever,” she says of her show family.

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After two years of pandemic, the new show from “Holiday On Ice”, “A New Day” will start on November 19th in Grefrath, which will then go on tour throughout Germany. For motivation and inspiration, Engels therefore visits her show family from “Holiday On Ice”. Shortly before the premiere, Sarah Engels comes to North Rhine-Westphalia to rehearse to greet the crew and cast backstage, wish them luck and watch parts of the new show. She herself learned a lot “during the time with ‘Holiday on Ice’ and the training back then” – “if you fall down, just get up again, keep going and get better,” she reveals in an interview.

Are you getting figure skating fever again when you visit the show “A New Day”?

Sarah Engels: Figure skating is the greatest thing for me. I always have my show family “Holiday On Ice” in my heart and I’m really looking forward to winter. Then we’ll definitely go skating again. When I see everyone here, the figure skaters and artists, I definitely get figure skating fever. We are all very excited to see the new Holiday on Ice show “A New Day” on tour. There were a lot of goose bumps for me during rehearsals today and the new show is really impressive!”

Three years have passed since you won “Dancing on Ice”. Are you still on the ice from time to time?

Sarah Engels: Of course, I love being on the ice. Since “Dancing on Ice” and the following tour with “Holiday on Ice” the sport has really grown on me. But it is also a very challenging sport. Watching the figure skaters here, everything looks so light and carefree. The feeling of standing on the ice has always been amazing for me. I haven’t had much time to do it lately, but I’m sure it will come back.

You recently celebrated your 30th birthday. A milestone anniversary is often an occasion to take stock. Would you like to have done something differently?

Sarah Engels: I am now a mother of two and have turned 30. I’m very happy with my life right now and proud of everything I’ve achieved so far. I’ve learned a lot in the last few years, developed myself and mastered some challenges. I also learned a lot during the time with “Holiday on Ice” and the training back then – if you fall, just get up again, keep going and get better.

What are your plans for the end of the year?

Sarah Engels: We will certainly enjoy the pre-Christmas period with the children, baking cookies and going ice skating! There is nothing better in winter than standing on the ice. I’m really looking forward to that!

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