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Christmas decorations on the windowsill: creative ideas for a festive mood

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Festive mood usually only comes up with the right decoration at home. We have creative ideas for Christmas decorations on the windowsill.

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To get into the Christmas spirit, it is usually not enough that the days are getting shorter and the Christmas holidays are approaching. It also takes the right inner attitude, which often begins with decorating the home for Christmas. If you are still looking for the right Christmas decoration for the windowsill, you will get creative inspiration here.

Simple Christmas decoration for the windowsill

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It doesn’t necessarily need kitschy figures and a lot of shine and glitter. A few elements are enough to ensure cosiness and a Christmas atmosphere. If you are looking for a simple Christmas decoration for the windowsill, you can use these elements and you won’t go wrong with them.

  • : A tray creates an eye-catching effect on the windowsill and also keeps other decorative elements together that could otherwise fall off the windowsill. A rectangular, elongated and narrow tray on which fir greenery, figures and balls can be decorated is beautiful. The tray can also be reused later. If you want to decorate it all year round, it’s best to choose a model made of wood or something neutral that can be spiced up for a festive atmosphere. If you like it more elegant, you can grab a metal tray, for example in gold tones or in black. Since the window sill is square and the tray is usually square too, elements in other shapes are appropriate to break up the rigid look a bit.
  • : Candles are also part of traditional Christmas decorations and look particularly good on the windowsill in a matching candle holder, which can be placed next to the tray as an additional element.
  • : Christmas decorations include fir green, of course. But it doesn’t have to be real. And: It can be decorated either on a tray or freely on the windowsill. It looks good around the candles, for example – but of course you should make sure that the flame is at a sufficient distance from the green or use LED candles. But it can also be combined with a chain of lights.
  • : They too can be displayed as free-standing or as part of the tray arrangement. They can either be restrained made of wood to look more elegant. If you like it more colourful, you can use painted figures that add some liveliness.

More unusual Christmas decorations for the windowsill

If you prefer the motto “more is more”, you can also dig deeper into the decoration box and spice up the windowsill with more eye-catching Christmas decorations. These atmospheric elements can include:

  • Candles in glasses: Decorated in glasses, candles are usually even more eye-catching. The glasses can also be decorated by painting them with gold tones, sticking them on them or combining them with fairy lights.
  • : These are definitely part of an eye-catching Christmas decoration on the windowsill. They can also be draped in glasses in a particularly cool way and selectively in different places. Several small highlights make the overall picture particularly atmospheric and harmonious.

Christmas decorations: more tips

  • Unusual figures, for example in the Scandinavian style, make the Christmas decorations on the windowsill particularly individual and exciting.
  • Personal elements such as a collection of Christmas cards or a Christmas family photo add a special touch. Here, too, there are individual ideas, such as a such as your favorite Christmas carol.

Tip: By the way, with you can easily save money when shopping for Christmas decorations.

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