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Ugly Christmas sweaters: Ugly sweaters set the fashion trend

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Ugly Christmas sweaters have a long tradition in America. But the ugly Christmas sweaters have also arrived in Germany’s fashion boutiques – but where does the trend actually come from?

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Who does not know the film scene in which Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcy for the first time and he is wearing a reindeer sweater that his mother gave him. But the ugly Christmas sweater also appeared again and again in many other kitschy Christmas films, so that the ugly Christmas sweaters have now achieved cult status in the USA. Although the idea was actually born in England when a presenter wore an ugly Christmas sweater for fun and frolic on a show in the 80s. Either way, it was only a matter of time before the trend spilled over to Germany – because the courage to be ugly is now widespread in this country too. And the motives can hardly be surpassed in tastelessness.

Greetings from Star Wars

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Of course, there are also ugly Christmas sweaters with well-known characters from the Star Wars universe such as or . The Ugly Christmas Sweater is a nice Christmas present for fans of the legendary film series.

In the age of the dinosaurs

The question what a has to do with Christmas cannot be answered here. However, since many American blockbusters also revolve around prehistoric animals, the designer of this Ugly Christmas Sweater may have thought: why not take a dinosaur with a Santa hat?

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Who does not know it: , Santa’s reindeer. In contrast to his other sled buddies, he stands out with his red nose. Known from film and television, Rudolph is one of the most famous Christmas motifs – even on ugly Christmas jumpers.

Extremely good

Of course, pets also find their way onto the Ugly Christmas Sweater: Whether or – everything that displeases is allowed. At this point it has to be said that the animal motifs aren’t quite as ugly as some other atrocities. These sweaters are almost discreet.

Live long and in peace

No other science fiction series is as well known as “Star Trek”. Among the most famous characters of the Enterprise are Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, his is now world-famous – and also adorns an ugly Christmas jumper.

Merry christmas, bitches

It can also be more provocative: This ugly Christmas jumper works with its fine quite ordinary at first glance, but on second glance it becomes clear that not only the saying but also the reindeer are pretty naughty. Ugly Christmas sweaters know no shame.

birthday boy

How could it be otherwise? its way onto the Ugly Christmas Sweater. In honor of his birthday, the saying “Birthday Boy” and Jesus adorn this hideous Christmas jumper. Taste can be argued over.


If you don’t want to be satisfied with the existing motifs, you can create your very own Ugly Christmas Sweater. In you’ll find everything you need to turn an ordinary piece of clothing into an ugly Christmas jumper.

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