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Cathy Hummels: farewell video for Mats touches followers

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Cathy Hummels is stirring her followers with a video showing pictures of her ex-relationship with Mats Hummels, along with the song for “Goodbye my Lover”.

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Cathy Hummels (34) said goodbye to her love affair with Mats Hummels (33).

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The video is a compilation of pictures showing the couple during their time together: the wedding, going out, on vacation, watching sports, during pregnancy and of course with their child Ludwig (4). The photos are introduced by Cathy Hummels, who looks seriously but lovingly into the camera and forms a heart with her hands. The photo show is highlighted with the song: “Goodbye my Lover” by James Blunt (48).

The caption also picks up on this: “Goodbye my lover – love is gone, a great friendship is growing,” Hummels writes about her farewell video. In addition, a white heart and the hashtags “grateful”, “Everything at the beginning” and “My Story”.

“So Strong Of You”

In the comments, numerous celebrities encourage Hummels and compliment her on this step: Sarah Engels (30), formerly Lombardi, writes about two red hearts: “Soo strong of you”, fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (27) supports with hearts and folded hands, Lilly Becker (46) also leaves three little hearts.

Your documentary “Everything at the beginning” (RTL +) should have received a little more advertising due to the unusually private video. Topics of the documentary are about Hummels’ work, her role as a mother and her depression. The separation from Mats Hummels was also discussed publicly for the first time – among other things, Cathy explained that it ultimately came from him.

Source: Stern

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