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The five keys to taste a good Milanese “sánguche”

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Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris
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The 5 keys to Milanese sandwich from Tucuman

It is a ritual that unites and brings everyone together. During the party, organized with the support of the Tucumán Tourism Entity, he had Diego “Mocho” Viruel as one of the organizers and host of the event, for which more than 15,000 people passed through in three days.

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In Tucumán, the milanesa is much more than a meal on the go. As well as the pizza for the porteños and the choripán for the people of Cordoba, the milanga generates that atmosphere of community, of a social rite on a day-to-day basis.

This was demonstrated in the facts during the 1st National Milanesa Sandwich Festivalwhere Ambit was present. Tables with entire families, groups of friends and couples, all of them together around the Milanese, a dish suitable for everyone.

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For this, some points must be respected (as an infallible rite) that account for the importance of this gastronomic product, which reveals the being and feeling of the people of Tucuman. It is a devotion that transcends all the limits of reason.

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Step by step: how is the typical Milanese sandwich

In the tour of the stalls, it was possible to verify that it is not just another ordinary sandwich. There are keys that cannot be missing to achieve the classic tucumano milanga sandwich. This is how the old sanguchero masters tell and transmit, like any tradition, the keys to a good milanga.

Milanese: meat and breading

first the meat, since it is the main input that cannot fail. The old sangucheros masters, respecting the tradition, prefer the use of “A buttock cut for the Milanese”, detailed Mocho Viruel to Ámbito.

Another fundamental point of the milanga is the breading. To the beaten eggs, where the meat should go, salt and pepper to taste and cumin, “the special touch of the Milanese from Tucuman”, highlights Viruel. “It’s something very much ours,” he said proudly. There some sangucheros masters can play and add some typical spiciness of the region, as part of the alternatives according to the customs that transcended year after year.

The frying is the last step. Oil is always renewed, it is the obligatory cooking method, which provides that added value to the popular Tucuman sandwich.

milanesa sanguche national festival tucuman 1

The “sanguchero” bread

Another key. Here, the Tucumans pay attention to the type of bread. “It’s not French bread, it’s not baguette, it’s not brioche”, explains Viruel, as an expert in the field. The definition is just simple: “It is a sanguchero bread”remark.

This characterization is justified because the baked product where the Milanese goes must be tender, soft but consistent, which allows the diner to maneuver with each bite. Nor is toasted bread used, it can hardly be given a seal or a slight heat stroke, something that several sangucheros use.

Lettuce and tomato, the complements

These noble vegetables bring freshness. But it is not only to accompany the milanesa, there is also an arta custom that indicates what type of product and how it should be applied in this type of sandwich.

The focus is especially directed at the lettucethat should be “crispa” and never “arrepolllada”. That is, it is convenient to use a French or Creole type. And then the cut. “In Buenos Aires they put the whole lettuce leaf and that’s not how it is,” clarifies Viruel, one of the organizers of the milanga party.

“The lettuce must be crisp and cut thin, like a kind of julienne”, explicit in detail. And that has a reason. When taking a bite, it is more practical and easier for those who like to be able to eat lettuce cut into fine strands.

The tomatoes It has fewer indications, although it is always recommended to cut it into thin slices. The use of round tomato is preferable over the perita type, since it can cover more surface of the sandwich.

milanesa sandwich.jpg

Mayonnaise and mustard, the dressings

Its aboutThe two most widely used adherents in all areas and, obviously, they cannot miss the appointment. The combination of both give the final touch to the popular sandwich.

The sangucheros masters give a generous brush on the bread as a final touch, to moisten the crumb and add more flavor. Out of habit, many only put mayonnaise on it, although the experience is with both elements. Of course: always in generous quantities.

The drink, the companion that defines the local flavor experience

The old sangucheros always recommend accompanying this dish with a nice cold beer. The social rite of gathering around the sandwich is the ideal setting. Talks, meeting and a good milanga with beer.

For those who do not want to drink alcohol, there is another companion among the drinks that is so typical of Tucuman like its moon, its folklore and its valleys. It’s all about the soda.”apple mirinda”which is only available in that province.

This pleasant apple-flavored drink, carbonated, gives a touch of freshness and sweetness to pair with the sandwich. For visitors who are going to the “Garden of the Republic” for the first time, it is recommended to try the milanesa sandwich with this soda, as it is the complete “real” milanga experience. Such are the customs.

Source: Ambito

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