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Saving for travel: when the pesos burn

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Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris
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The Pre-Travel is all the rage, the Now 12, 18, 30 plans, to buy in installments, in pesos and without interest, have become essential tools for consumers. Today it is hard to see people paying in 12 installments for the weekly or monthly purchase from the supermarket. Many people do not make ends meet. The million dollar question is: How much does a middle-class Argentine have to earn to meet basic needs and treat themselves? Impossible to answer that question.

In contrast to this discouraging panorama, today the city of Buenos Aires is packed with foreigners from Europe and neighboring countries. For them, who come with hard currency, the setting is paradise: a free fork with good wine in Puerto Madero costs around 17 dollars; a theater ticket, $8; rent a car, $35 per day; a 4-star hotel in Iguazú, Ushuaia or Calafate, 70 dollars a night.

those blessed savings

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Although it is not necessary to generalize, there is no doubt that many people burn the pesos in their pockets. Those who managed to save a few pesos do not know what to do. Young people are disoriented, given the lack of mortgage credit to access their own home, they see it as impossible to buy an apartment. There are those who consider the option of changing the car, but the used car market does not have reference prices and today they ask fortunes for a car (there are pages that publish the prices of used cars in dollars) and the automakers take up to a year to give you a zero kilometer. Given this scenario, they use the savings to go on a trip. Today the savings are used to travel.

And speaking of travel, this week was different from others, there was an unusual flood of reservations abroad, mainly trips between May and September 2023 to Europe. Others heading to the Caribbean during the holidays in January and February, when you can travel with the little ones. Today, there are no flights available and what little is left is at high fares. An all inclusive package to Punta Cana with a direct flight from Aerolíneas Argentinas, 7 nights, transfers and assistance, costs approximately USD 2,800 for a ticket per passenger, about 800,000 Argentine pesos. While with USD 2,000 (about 500,000 pesos per person) you can travel to Cuba for 10 nights to enjoy Cayo Santa María and take a 2-day tour of Havana beforehand, if you get seats on Copa Airlines. You must always remember that in pesos and per year, through the AFIP, you can recover up to 70% of what you paid. There are those who resign themselves and believe that this is a “mission impossible”. But that is part of another analysis.

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Travel agent.

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