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Franz Beckenbauer: This is how he feels after the eye attack

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Franz Beckenbauer was recently struggling with an eye attack. Now he revealed in an interview how he is doing.

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Franz Beckenbauer (77) follows the games of the German national soccer team at the World Cup in Qatar on TV – stadium visits are now too “exhausting” for him, said the soccer legend in a “Bunte” interview. Many people are apparently worried about Beckenbauer’s state of health. However, the 77-year-old gives the all-clear.

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Beckenbauer told the magazine: “I keep my fingers crossed for our team in front of the television. The last time I was in a stadium was a year ago.” He added: “You know, it’s pretty exhausting. Everyone asks me how I’m doing and then I have to tell everyone the same thing.” Beckenbauer went on to explain: “I had a so-called infarction in one eye. Unfortunately, I can’t see anything on the right side. I can deal with that. And I have to be careful with my heart.” He is currently getting “a lot of autograph mail, which I’m happy to answer,” according to the “Kaiser”. “People probably think he never lives long. But I’ll try to stay with you for a while.”

reason to celebrate

He is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary with his “Franz-Beckenbauer-Foundation”, which helps people with disabilities and people who are ill or in need through no fault of their own. During this period “a total of 30 million euros in donations was collected, of which around ten million are in the foundation’s capital. And almost 20 million euros went directly to people in need,” he said to “Bunte”.

Source: Stern

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